Ideas for enjoying your time in Vigo

What kind of plan do you feel like making? You are in the center of Vigo, surrounded by art and entertainment. Dive headfirst into the city, visit the shop with the most exclusive brands in fashion, try a new food, or go out and enjoy the district with the most interesting and “chic” nightlife in all of Galicia.

We suggest several original plans for your free time in the most populated industrial city in Galicia, that has more than 300,000 inhabitants in the urban center:


The location of the Hotel Argentino, in the center of the city, makes it excellent for enjoying a day of shopping, as the shopping district is right outside the entrance of the hotel.

We would be delighted to suggest different routes for visiting shops and boutiques in Vigo.

Please remember that shops in Vigo are open from Monday to Saturday and are closed on Sundays.


Within the hotel, you can enjoy our wonderful Restaurant with traditional Galician cuisine.

We offer a tempting menu and a full set-menu lunch in the afternoon and the evening, especially intended for those visiting our city.

But if you prefer a change of scenery, we can suggest some other interesting sites to tempt your palate.

60 Minutes Tour

A quick and inviting visit? Choose the plan that appeals to you and enjoy, in just under 60 minutes, a unique and attractive way of getting to know the city..

We offer Vigo Express Tour that that is currently not in service. It will be put into operation again soon..

On & Off

And after an exhausting day full of stimuli and experiences, we suggest some things to help you relax and recuperate for the following day.

For you and all of our guests, we are setting discounts and special prices with specific commercial brands which will soon be available to you.

Art & Trends

Vigo offers an artistic and trendy space in which you will find cultural and entertainment options of great interest. Theater, monologues, art galleries, gourmet spaces, museums, music festivals, and much more… Come and see for yourself!

10+1 places in the city to see

Vigo has many places and attractions in which you can wander about and lose yourself in for awhile when walking through its streets.

Since we don’t want you to miss anything, we have ten suggestions… plus one alternative:

  • O Casco Vello(Old Town). This is the oldest part of the city. The old walled district of the old town was built in 1656 to prevent pirate attacks and was demolished in the 19th century. The artisans are located on Rúa dos Cesteiros.
  • The Collegiate Church of Santa María. Located in O Casco Vello, it is a Galician neoclassical masterpiece. It was built in the early 19th century on the ruins of the old Co-cathedral, destroyed by an attack lead by Sir Francis Drake.
  • A Pedra Market.. This market is adjacent to the Port and the entrance of O Casco Vello. Here, you can buy the famous Vigo oysters. Next to this market you can find the wine area.
  • The Port of Vigo. It is one of the most important ports in Europe due to its maritime traffic. It is 7 kilometers long and there is a constant transfer of all types of goods and passengers arriving on large cruise boats.
  • Verbum Museum. It is situated on the seafront near the beach of Samil. This colorful building was designed by architect Cesar Portela and is dedicated to the word, the verb, and all forms of human communication.
  • The beaches of Vigo. Be sure to visit the sandy and magnificent beaches that Vigo offers, the most famous being Samil. You can also visit some of the less busy beaches such as La Sirenita, La Fuente, Ladeira, América, O Vao, Canido and Patos, among others.
  • Mount A Guía. Located in the neighborhood of Teis. From here, you can enjoy incredible views of Vigo, its ria, and the Cies Islands in the background.
  • Plaza de España (square) and Monumento Os Cabalos (Monument to the Horses). At the roundabout at the entrance of the city of Orense, you will find the bronze Monument to the Horses that presides over the Plaza de España square, work of sculptor Xoán Xosé Oliveira. It is a tribute to the wild horses that, in the past, lived in Mount O Castro and can still be seen in the hills of Vigo, where they are branded each year in the corrals of Mougás and Torroña.
  • VigoZoo. This is the only zoo in Galicia and is located on Mount A Madroa, about 10 kilometers from the center of Vigo. It has a vast surface area of over 55,676 square meters.
  • Castrelos Park. It is the most important park in the city. At the center of the garden is the Manor House – Museum Quiñones de León, that originally functioned as a defense and now houses collections of modern painting and sculpture.
  • O Castro Park. It is symbolic of the city and one of the largest parks in Vigo. At the top is a 17th century fort. Dotting the park are important works of art such as the monument “O Empuxe Vigués”, signed in 1969 by Camilo Nogueira, or the monument to the Rande galleons, among other works.

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