A function hall in Vigo for your social events

The Hotel Argentino has two function halls: a large space (45 m²) and another smaller space (30 m²), both dedicated to corporate and social events.

Our function halls consist of two innovative, flexible, and adaptable spaces in which you can do business, hold a meeting, an expo, a private celebration, a gathering…

Throughout the year, there are important reasons, both professionally and personally, to meet and hold events and make decisions.

Our staff will advise you in a way that is both knowledgeable and effective in order to create the ideal setting that you need.

Depending on the layout you need, our large hall (45 m²) holds different capacities:

  • Theater format: 45 people
  • Classroom format: 19 people
  • Dining room format: 59 guests
  • Imperial format: 26 guests
  • U-shape format: 27 guests
  • Banquets: 40 guests

The small function hall, (30 m²), is for holding small meetings with the following capacity:

  • Imperial table format for meetings: 10 people
  • Imperial format: 10 guests

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